Module 3

Setting up Minecraft for a Class


  • How to find a lesson (through game or online) 

  • How to manage the class in Minecraft 

  • Enabling / disabling common behaviours in settings e.g. PVP 

  • Permission levels 

  • Classroom mode 

  • Commands to change the time and weather / teleport / give items / set spawn point commands. Using game rules - keep inventory / command blocks enabled 

  • Border, allow and deny blocks 

  • Disabling common items that cause issues – using command blocks 

  • Chalkboards - slates / posters / blackboards 

  • Different ways of recording learning in the game 

  • Camera / portfolio / books 

  • Exporting 

  • Structure block to export work as 3D model 

  • Importing and exporting worlds 

Supportive Material

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PDF Document

Module 3 Videos

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